Rare Stamps That Made History

rare stamps

Postage stamps are also miniature recordings of our history. They provide a distinctive viewpoint in the story and origin of the stamps. There are rare stamps that have gained a higher level of popularity among their class for different reasons. Collectors all over the world hold these stamps in high regard. Here are a few rare ones in the history of stamps.

rare stamps in the world

British Guiana 1c Magenta

It shows a sailing ship with the motto of the British Guiana colony, which is in Latin and reads “Damus Petimus Que Vicissim.” It means “We give and expect in return.” It is considered the most expensive and rarest stamp in the world. In 2014, the 1c Magenta attracted a lot of attention at an auction, and it sold for a whopping $9,480,000.

Basel Dove

This stamp was created by Melchior Berri, who was an architect. It features a white dove holding a letter in its beak on a red background. At the top part of the stamp is the Coat of Arms of Basel. It is the first postage stamp that is tricolor. In 2010, two Basel Dove rare stamps were bought for $5,750 and $8,500 by the Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers.

Penny Black

The Penny Black is the first adhesive stamp in the world. These rare stamps have increased in value through the years. Often, the original gum is regarded as the most precious substance on the planet in terms of weight. A Penny Black can lose a great deal of its value without this gum. In 2004, this stamp was $156,000 at an auction house.

Treskilling Yellow

This yellow postage stamp is known to be the only one that survived out of the three misprint stamps that were meant to be green. In 1885, a Swedish boy was reported to be the first collector of the stamp, who discovered it on the letters of his grandparents. In 2010, David Feldman auctioned the stamp in Geneva, and it was sold for $2.3 million.

Mauritius Post Office

This stamp consists of two denominations. These rare stamps have “Post Office” printed on them. But, the words “Post Paid” were put on these stamps on the next printing. As a result, those with the phrase “Post Office” became the rare kinds. In 2011, one stamp was bought in London for approximately £1 million. In 1904, King George V bought the Two Pence from his granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain for the amount of £1,450.

Inverted Jenny

This postage stamp is a misprint depicting a blue plane that is inverted. The oversight took place in 1918 on the 24-cent stamp. Benjamin K. Miller was one of the first buyers and acquired one from the 100 sheet. When the costs started increasing, Miller looked for other stamps before their prices also increased. In 1977, one of the stamps was stolen from Miller but was recovered in 1980.

For stamp collectors and many other philatelists in the world, rare stamps are interesting things. Over the years, the worth of a stamp can escalate dramatically and hit millions of dollars.

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