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Following our previous articles, it was established that Walmart Stores sell stamps and a list of places to purchase stamps were also outlined. Today, we’ll be discussing postage stamp prices. This is a very important aspect that cannot be termed as irrelevant. Overtime, people tend to ask questions about the postage stamp prices and the reasons for the prices. USPS recently reviewed the prices of their stamps. So if you would like to know their new prices, please visit their website.

If you are a regular stamp buyer and you are probably curious as to how to determine postage stamp prices, please read on. Now, if you are a stamp collector who is curious and wants to determine the postage stamp prices of your collection, this article can help you. Has the value of your stamp in terms of prices ever crossed your mind?

Postage stamp prices referred here are more often than not, the market and not the face value of the stamp or the stamp collection as a whole. To know the prices, you could contact a local dealer to give you an updated postage stamp price list. There are also a few online stamp guides that people can view to have an idea of the prices. It is also important to note that prices are not the same throughout.  More often than not, stamp dealers will pay from twenty-five to seventy per cent of your collection’s total postage stamp prices. Dealers will pay the postage stamp prices on your collection’s “book value”.


It is also possible to determine postage stamp prices on your own, but there are a few factors that need to be considered. The factors include:

  1. Origin of the stamp (Country the stamp was produced)
  2. Condition of the Stamp
  3. the age of the stamp
  4. availability of the stamp

All countries have their names on their stamps except for Great Britain and this is because Great Britain uses the monarch’s silhouette. For countries that their native language is not English, their names are printed in their original languages.

The condition of the stamp remains highly relevant.  There is a great difference between a postage stamp in excellent condition and just a good stamp.

There are several things to consider when scrutinizing the condition of a stamp.

  • Centering of the stamp’s image
  • Level of rips in the stamp
  • Color fading

Used and Unused Stamps Postage stamp prices are also influenced by whether the stamp is used or is in its mint condition (unused). Mint stamps have higher postage stamp prices compared to their used counterparts.

Stamp Availability which is the last factor is a bit more complicated.

Rare stamps are those that were issued for a restricted span of time or stamps with higher face value. Definitive stamps are the rarest stamps and are very expensive. Definitive stamps are those stamps that were issued as a general all-purpose stamp of a common denomination. Rare postage stamps also command high postage stamp prices.

Determining the price of postage stamps is not as easy as it sounds. However with a good stamp guide, it becomes way easier to determine postage stamp prices without difficulty.

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