Our mission


Our aim is to create transparency and credibility in the stamps market. We also believe strongly that these actions are going to result into price changes in open market. Added credibility will build up a steady and positive long term development in the market of high quality rare stamps.

All players in the market will benefit from this, as transparency and credibility are the major tools to make new collectors interested in rare and valuable stamps. 

Catalogue searches and prices

The items in the catalogue are classified according to various features so that users can easily combine the different search options to find the items he/she is looking for. We will not replace handbooks or catalogues, but instead supplement them by providing a large number of different items of each stamp issue to be used as a basis for searches.

During the year 2017 our Catalogue will comprise nearly 100 000 rare philatelic items with a hammer price more than 1000 USD. The prices shown in the Catalogue are always the hammer prices, the user needs to take notice of the buyer’s premium as an addition to the hammer price. Normally buyer’s premiums vary from 10% to 25% according to the auction.

The Catalogue will never be 100% ready, because our knowledge of items is augmented and refined all the time. The collective input of the information will develop the catalogue into a service that will ultimately meet the needs of us all.

Unprecented tool for stamp collectors
The Catalogue brings us all the market information of rare and valuable stamps in a way that has never existed before. We are proud to be able to offer this to the global stamp collecting community. By doing this we simultaneously promote the rare and valuable philatelic items and their auctioneers to new people interested in collecting or investing in rare and valuable stamps.

Best Regards,

StampsSale Team